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Scope of Practice from Individual Acts

The practice of audiology is the assessment of auditory function and the treatment and prevention of auditory dysfunction to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment auditory and communicative functions.

Alternate / Additional Description of Scope

Audiologists are concerned with the prevention, identification, assessment, treatment and (re)habilitation of auditory and balance difficulties in children and adults. Audiologists also provide education and counseling services for people experiencing problems in these areas.

Audiologist’s scope of clinical practice includes the provision of assessment, treatment, (re)habilitation and consultation services for:

  • Auditory Function
  • Vestibular Function
  • Tinnitus
  • Auditory Processing disorders
  • Cerumen Management
  • Prescription and dispensing of hearing aids, cochlear and middle ear implants, as well as assistive listening and alerting devices

Audiologists are also authorized by the HCCA, 1996 to be evaluators of capacity to consent to treatment, admission to care facilities and personal assistance service.

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Summarized Controlled Acts

Prescribing a hearing aid for a hearing impaired person.

Authorized Acts

In the course of engaging in the practice of audiology, a member is authorized, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations imposed on his or her certificate of registration, to prescribe a hearing aid for a hearing impaired person. 1991, c. 19, s. 4.